Wednesday (September 26)

08:00     Registration

09:00     Ernst Wit, WULS representatives, Opening, welcome, practical info.

09:30     Piotr Zwiernik: Totally positivity, graphical models, and convex optimization.

10:00     Guido Consonni: Bayesian Learning of Markov Equivalence Classes of DAGs  with Observational and Interventional Data.

10:30     Coffee break

11:00     Tiago Peixoto: Reconstructing networks with unknown and heterogeneous errors.

11:30     Geofrey Canright: Learnings from large scale experiments on viral marketing and viral spreading.

12:00     Marco Grzegorczyk: Non-homogeneous dynamic Bayesian network models

12:30     Lunch break

13:30     Working Group 1: Exploring (massive) network data sets (chair Clelia Di Serio)

  • Jesus M Cortes: Brain networks as a predictor of aging along lifespan
  • Nikolay K. Vitanov, Zlatinka Dimitrova: Discrete-time model for a motion of substance in a channel of a network with application to  channels of human migration
  • Nour Alrabie: Working alone, together: for good or ill? Multidisciplinarity in Primary Health Care Organisations
  • Božidar Popović: Generalization of Azzalini’s method with application in medicine science
  • Paolo Berta: Does cooperation between hospitals increase the quality of care?
  • Paola Vicardi: PC algorithm for complex survey data
  • Smaranda Cioban: Vlogging in Romania: An exploratory research of vlogs’ preferences among teenagers from Bihor County

16:00     Coffee break

16:30     Short talk (chair Marco Grzegorczyk)

  • Andrzej Buda: Agent-Based Modeling of the global phonographic market.
  • Anja Znidarsic: How to implement the nearest neighbours algorithm to estimate missing ties due to actor non-response?
  • Ben Parker: A network framework for algorithmic design of experiments
  • Denise De Gaetano: Extracting the Value of Big Data
  • Gino B. Kpogbezan: Incorporating prior information and borrowing information in high-dimensional sparse regression using the horseshoe and variational Bayes
  • Julien Cloarec: The Personalization-Privacy Paradox in Attention Economy
  • Konstantin Klemm: Branch decompositions for analyzing stochastic processes on networks
  • Marjan Cugmas: Symmetric core-cohesive blockmodel in an interactional pre-school networks
  • Lyuba Bozhilova: Measuring rank robustness in scored protein interaction net
  • Markos Koutras: New distributions for network modeling
  • Monia Lupparelli: Direct and indirect effect in recursive regression graph models
  • Pariya Behrouzi: Dynamic Chain Graph Models for Mixed Time Series Data

18:00     Closing

19:00     Dinner in Platinum Residence hotel

Thursday (September 27)

09:00    Veronica Vinciotti & Anuška Ferligoj: joint early career and STSM session

  • Saverio Ranciati: Overlapping mixture models for network data (manet) with covariates adjustment
  • Veronica Vinciotti: STSM opportunities
  • Anuška Ferligoj: How COSTNET reaches out to early career, female and ITC participants

10:00    Coffee break

10:30    Working Group 3: Network Inference and Prediction (chair Arnoldo Frigessi)

  • Andrew Elliott: Anomaly Detection in Networks using spectral methods and Network comparison approaches
  • Anuška Ferligoj: Citation network analysis of the literature on clustering networks
  • Konstantin Avrachenkov: Mean Field Analysis of Personalized PageRank with Implications for Local Graph Clustering
  • Michael Lebacher :The Trade Network of Firearms and Ammunition: A Censored Regression Model with Endogenous Network Effects
  • Michał B. Paradowski: Which centrality measures in peer learner networks are the best predictors of second language acquisition?
  • Mirko Signorelli: Model-based clustering for populations of networks

13:00    Group photo (in front of the lecture hall), then lunch break

14:15     Gesine Reinert, Ernst Wit: Future of COSTNET Action

14:30     Wessel van Wieringen: Using prior information in penalized estimation of graphical models

15:00     Poster session

  • Luca Del Core: Statistical Analysis of Gene Therapy data
  • Nuno M. Garcia: Addressing multidimensionality in ECG data
  • Rūta Užupytė: Triadic closure pattern analysis in temporal network models
  • James Wilsenach:  CommFinedWalker: Controlling for Inspection Bias in the Annotation of Protein Interaction Networks
  • Javier Pardo Diaz: Gene coexpression network for the study of Rhizobium leguminosarum
  • Andrzej Jarynowski: Model of future propagation of African Swine Fever in Eastern and Central Europe
  • Olga Zajkowska: Can friends and family replace the childcare services? Preliminary analysis for Poland
  • Magnus Münch: Group-regularized logistic elastic net regression
  • Mahdi Shafiee Kamalabad: Partially non-homogeneous dynamic Bayesian networks based on Bayesian regression models with partitioned design matrices, Gaussian process
  • Yosi Keller: Deep Spectral Graph Matching Network
  • Sevag Kevork: Iterative Estimation Approach for ERGMs with Nodal Random Effects
  • Spyros Balafas: Psychometric networks

 16:30     bus to Wilanów Park, then a walk to hotel

Friday (September 28)

09:00   Working Group 2: Network Modelling (chair Steffen L. Lauritzen)

  • Gesine Reinert: Risk and Ruin in an Insurance Market with Bipartite Network Structure
  • Benjamin Sischka: Bayesian and Spline based Approaches for Graphon Estimation
  • Brieuc Lehmann: Bayesian exponential random graph models for populations of networks
  • Federico Castelletti: Objective Bayes model selection of Gaussian interventional essential graphs
  • Lucia Paci: Objective Bayes analysis for graphical vector autoregressive models
  • Reza Mohammadi: High-dimensional Bayesian inference of Graphical Models with Application to Brain Connectivity

11:30     Coffee break

12:00     Lorenz Wernisch: Improving protocols for cell differentiation through reinforcement learning

12:30     Short talk (chair Gesine Reinert)

  • Stefano Peluso: Analyzing social networks via marginal models with individual-specific effects
  • Gholamreza Jafari: Non transparency in large Networks
  • Sanda Martincic-Ipsic: Extracting Keywords from Language Complex Networks
  • Vilda Purutcuoglu: Construction of protein interaction networks under steady state activations
  • Vladimir Batagelj: Network analysis of bike sharing data

13:00     closing, lunch

13:00-17:00 MC meeting (including lunch)

Book of abstracts